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How to choose the best designer phone cover?

Mobile covers today do much more than just take care of your phone and provide it with an extra layer of protection. They exude style and reflect people’s personalities. They are the modern-age equivalent of clothes that tell way more about your personality than anything else about you. Given the importance of covers nowadays, you need to put a lot of thought into buying the perfect designer phone cover. Understanding how difficult the choice can get, we are here with an ideal checklist to tick while choosing a designer phone cover that reflects your style while being an excellent addition to your phone.

The first thing to do when you start searching for designer phone covers is to shortlist the material quality and price range that you want to dive into. There are multiple materials available nowadays in the market that combine trendy styles with durable protection. Silicon, rubber, soft rubber, glass, and thermoplastic are some of the best materials out there. Depending on what your requirements are for buying a mobile cover, you can choose from any of them. For increased protection, go for rubber cases; for flexibility, pick silicon; for durability, refer to the glass ones; and for abundant options and design, head on to the plastic sections.

The next few things after design and material that your need to consider include the thickness of the cover and cut-outs. Nowadays, mobile companies are dedicated to making your phones look slimmer and less bulky. That is why a good cover would provide maximum protection and add the least weight to your phone. Along with this, cases with fine cut-outs are equally important because they provide easy and effective access to all side buttons and ports. Additionally, as per your requirement, you can also search for storage pockets and mounts or stand attached to the covers.

With these checkboxes ticked, you will have the perfect designer phone cover for your mobile. You can easily find the perfect phone cover for yourself on the Cover Tubes website and scroll through multiple categories and designs. With Cover Tubes mobile covers, you can transform how your phone looks today!

Easily Create Customized Mobile Back Cover Online

Creating customized mobile back covers online is the IT thing today!

However, the emergence of customized online cover printing has not been recent. It has been in practice for the last few years. However, with the mode being shifted online, the process has become a whole new and easier ball game altogether. The transformational introduction of technology has made creating a valuable personal accessory for your phone much easier than before.

At Cover Tubes, you can easily create your own customized mobile back cover online. The process is fast-paced, and within no time, you will have your hands on a unique custom phone case that will help you stand out from the crowd. Our customized cases are well-designed,stylish, and protective – all at the same time. This way, Cover Tubes is your perfect place to create your customized mobile back cover online.

The process of creating your customized mobile back cover online is made more accessible with the presence of multiple trendy templates. All you have to do at the first step is choose the brand and model of your phone. At Cover Tubes, you will find covers for almost all brands and models of phones. Following this, you can choose from the variety of stylish and exquisite templates provided and upload your photo for the case you have chosen. After you have finished uploading the image of your choice, click on the finish design option to complete the process.

Why does your phone need a waterproof mobile cover?

A waterproof mobile cover is one of the most essential accessories for your mobile phone!

Wondering why?

One doesn’t need to be a science scholar to understand that water and mobiles just don’t gel well together. The sheer traumatic experience of thinking about damaging our smartphones due to water is too much to even think about, let alone experience. Given the amount of information, documents, and images we store on our 6-by-3-inch companions, their well-being is of prime importance in our lives.

If your phone falls into the water accidentally, it is likely to get permanently damaged. Even if there is a way to salvage the situation, it will probably cost you a lot of bucks. An efficient solution to the problem is Waterproof mobile covers.

A waterproof cover is one of the best solutions to save your mobile from any immediate damage due to water. It effectively safeguards your phone from all those accidental and unfortunate drops. The name waterproof does not mean that it is completely water resistant. However, it definitely means that with a waterproof mobile cover on, your phone is much less likely to sustain any permanent damage due to water.

There are multiple reasons for using a waterproof mobile case. For instance, if you have a waterproof case on, you don’t have to worry about your phone while being around water. You can do all the fun activities in water without any apparent fear for the safety of your phone.

A waterproof mobile cover will serve as an effective barrier between water and your phone. So even if you drop it in water, you can retrieve it safely. However, the case might sustain damage.

A waterproof cover is cost-effective. Protecting your phone is a priority. However, not everyone can invest a fortune in this protection activity. That is why waterproof mobile covers are your one-stop solution. It is a budget-friendly investment.

With these multiple benefits, we hope you are now sure how important a waterproof mobile cover is for the safety of your mobile phone. At Cover Tubes, you can find top-quality waterproof and other varieties of phone covers. Browse through our website to find the perfect fit and transform the way your phone looks today!

Why do rubber mobile covers make for the best fit for your phone?

The market is flooded with different kinds of mobile covers, and choosing the best one for your phone might get a little tricky at times. If this is your situation, we have the perfect solution. Whenever in doubt regarding mobile cases, go for rubber mobile covers. Be it style, quality, protection, or durability – rubber mobile covers are one of the best options for your phone!

If you are someone who tends to drop your phone regularly, we understand the pain. We have all been at the messier end of these situations. A rubber mobile cover solves many of these issues. It is built with high-quality materials, which makes it durable and sturdy, thereby enhancing the level of protection for your phone. In case you accidentally drop or bump your phone into something, the rubber material acts as a potent shock absorbing, withholding much of the impact and thus keeping your phone damage-proof.

A rubber case lends a soft feel and touch your mobile phone, making it extremely pleasant to hold. Along with this, the rubbery texture tends to be grippy. The proper grip is very necessary when choosing a good mobile case, especially for those among us who have buttery fingers.

Rubber mobile covers are extremely durable. They can twist, bend, and shimmy without any apparent damage to their shape. Rubber is flexible and easily fits perfectly around your phone, thus allowing proper access to your buttons and ports. Moreover, it is lightweight and keeps up with the industry trend to keep your mobile phone safe without adding too much bulk to it. The new-age rubber mobile covers are dust-resistant, making it easy for you to keep your phone clean.

With multiple benefits like increased protection, style, durability, and much more, rubber mobile covers are the perfect snug fit for your mobile phones. At Cover Tubes, you can find high-quality material and top-notch designs in the rubber case categories. We offer two different varieties in the rubber section – soft rubber and rubber. You can easily browse through the categories and find the perfect phone cover for your phone today!